All Superior Pilates Instructors are certified by Romana’s Pilates, New York. We feel it is important to have this authentic certification since there are variations on Pilates that are not true to the original method. Every instructor at Superior Pilates has a signed certificate by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates protégé and his successor in the method or by Romana’s daughter, Sari, who has now taken over the school.

Kristen Wolf


Kristen Wolf opened Superior Pilates in May, 2007 at 405 W. Superior Street in River North. She recently closed it and reopened on the North Shore. She was certified in Pilates in New York, NY by Romana Kryzanowska, world-renowned protégé of Joseph Pilates, who taught the method for nearly six decades. Kristen attends continuing-education classes at Romans’s Pilates and with other teacher/trainers with specialties in order to stay current on improved techniques and methods of helping with physical problems.

Kristen has taught at Pilates Studio of the North Shore, Wilmette Centennial Center, Evanston Athletic Club and East Bank Club of Chicago.

As a past pro circuit tennis player, Kristen is very aware of sports injuries and has made a specialty of helping people use Pilate’s methods of stretch, strength and control to alleviate and solve them. She works with a range of clients from athletes to the injured, from children to the elderly. She also has developed special programs for brides, tennis players and mothers–to-be. In fact, Kristen had three children in four years and, from experience, believes Pilates is the best training for a mom-to-be. It keeps you flexible during the pregnancy and helps you bounce back quickly.

Kristen was a professional ITF Circuit tennis player from 1993 to 1999. When she left the tour, she went to Northwestern University and graduated with a double major in 2004. She is bilingual and teaches in Spanish when requested.

Ellen Krafft


Ellen is a former ballerina with American Ballet Theatre where she danced from 1977-1987. She started studying Pilates with the esteemed Romana Kryzanowska,(a disciple of Joseph Pilates himself) at the Pilates New York studio in 1982 to help recover from a dance injury and strengthen her career. She's been practicing it ever since, becoming a certified instructor of the Pilates Method in 1996.

Since then she has taught at the Pilates Studio of the Midwest, The Winnetka Community House, Superior Pilates of Chicago, her home studio in Wilmette and Chicago Ballet Arts. In addition to teaching Pilates, Ellen has taught ballet at Hubbard Street Dance Theatre, The Nashville School of Ballet, The Evanston School of Ballet, Noyes Cultural Center and Chicago Ballet Arts.

Ellen credits Pilates with helping her to stay in shape both during and after the birth of her six children and while recovering from three hip replacement surgeries. Ir's a method of fitness for life and she'd love to share it with you.

Tatiana Enders


Tatiana grew up in in a small town near Moscow, Russia. She and her family family came to the United States in her early teen years. Her first introduction to Pilates was taking mat classes as a dance performance major at Northern Illinois University.

Tatiana immediately realized the amazing benefits of this type workout, which not only strengthened her dance technique, but also helped recover from an injury.

After graduation, she was trained and certified through the instructor training program under Juanita Lopez and Rhonda Celenza at Pilates Connection in Evanston, IL. Tatiana continues to take consistent lessons to deepen her understanding of Pilates. She is eager to share her knowledge of how Pilates disciplines and balances the body and mind.

Becky Coleman


Becky’s interest in Pilates began in her early twenties when she suffered injuries that ended her soccer career at the University of Wisconsin. Assigned to a Physical Therapist (in lieu of surgery), she was introduced to the benefits of Pilates as rehabilitation for weak ankles and feet. She credits the footwork series for avoiding surgery altogether, now some twenty years later. She also credits her continued work in the Romana’s Method for the ability to run without pain.

She became certified in another Pilates method in 2011 and has actively taught in the area since. In 2017, she began her training in Romana’s Pilates under the guidance of Rhonda Celenza and Juanita Lopez and is currently an apprentice at Pilates Connection in Evanston, IL.

She enjoys working with clients of all walks of life, from athletes to those who don’t “love” exercise. She feels that Pilates is accessible to everyone. To her, the challenge is always in body alignment, flow of movement, memory and breath.

Amy Adler


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